Fire your doctor and Mediate on sound

Fire your doctor!

I have been studying non modern (non-allopathic) holistic or whole body healing modalities and the different ways civilizations heal pains and stress. Most people don’t understand, but the current model of huckster medicine is an affront to humanity. Modern medical science is disconnected from health and healing. We are energy beings. Not cold flesh to cut up. There is no humanity in modern medicine with its animal experiments and surgery and bombarding with radioactive ions.

Yeah, most medical doctors are lying, murdering, control freak psychopaths. I will tell them this to their face. Medical review boards are chock full of unscientific freemasons who only care about controlling the people in their town and making money off of them. They spend many years learning useless knowledge, being told how smart they are, and how they should be totally disconnected from their “patients”. You know, the person who has been brainwashed by western civilization to go to others for answers, or at the least, to go to those least educated in real science and full of book knowledge. Most MD’s nowadays I wouldn’t trust with cutting my hair.

Fire your doctor!

The only good doctors are the ones who fix bones and do emergency surgery. The only plus about modern medical science is trauma pathology.

Most of the world has been doing just fine before modern medicine came with its fake drugs (formerly herbs). Yup, Shamans set legs in Africa. Asian cultures eat herbs for stress and to help increase body function. The Polynesians came up with medical science thousands of years before the Egyptians showed up.

Want to have children naturally, not thrown into a bin and subjected to cord cutting and kept away from the mother in some plastic disease infested hospital room?

Go to a midwife. Hospitals are dirty, filthy places. The hospital in my town is so fetid and disgusting, they had to add a new wing set far away from the old one for the “women’s maternity” section.

Who knows what disease is floating around in one. The level of lawsuits filed people getting vile infections is rising with the aging of hospitals. Stay out of ALL hospitals. You just might pick up a dark spirit that wants to jump into your aura and feed off of your pain….

Most honest doctors (the ones who have paid off their medical school debts) will tell you: 90% or so of ALL hospital ER visits are caused by stress.

How do we combat stress?

A simple Taoist technique for calming the body

Well, one proven way to calm the organs and meditate is through the six healing sounds. The universe is made up sound. The physical universe is kept stable by sound. Each organ makes its own music. Meditation on organs is not zoning out doing oms and looking like a new age artard in lotus position. This stuff has been done for thousands of years. It ain’t new. Most hippie new agers have never heard about this. Why? Cause most people are followers of trends, not followers of what has been studied for thousands of years.
Here is a video about healing with the 6 organ sounds. Mantak Chia has many books and videos about Taoist healing and his books on Sexual energy and Tantra are by far the best on human sexuality I have ever seen. The ancients knew about human sexuality and the power inherent between man and woman. They showed me how homosexuality (male or female) is a total misuse of sexual energy and that it is black magic.

I devour books. I can read a book in a day. Most people just ain’t doin it right, and that’s why they age and have miserable married lives with little sex or overdo it and look silly.

Oh, and fire your doctor! They just want your money!

English with German translation

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