Heal bones naturally, with nutrition and herbs

In 2007 I was hit by a speeding jerk (who works at a hospital, sadly) while trying to get a dog off of the road that I had hit that should have been behind a fence.

Anyway, I suffered an open fracture of the tibia/fibula. That means, the leg bone that you stand on and the leg bone that articulates the foot. An “open” fracture is one where the bone is gone. I have many screws and 2 steel plates.

At the outset, my doctor told me:

“I may have to cut your leg off if your bones don’t heal”

I cried my eyes out when he said that. They I got pissed. No way is some sawbones going to take my leg off!

So I studied herbs (I was already a mostly raw vegan-been a vegan since 1999).

I study martial arts so I wanted to know how people healed bones when they hurt themselves. No, I don’t study hard forms of bone breaking martial arts. I study the ones where you take your opponents energy and use it against them. The powerful martial arts.  The ones used by Asian men who will take your soul after they take your life cause you went at them with some sort of karate chop or thai kick. Yup, no hip replacement for me at 50. Derp.

Anyway, I found raw chinese herbs on the internet and took them. This saved my leg and my life. If you have a broken bone, take this. Bones are the slowest parts of the body to heal from trauma. As of 2009 I didn’t have to go for a regular x-ray aka massive hit by radioactive ions.

And if someone says they are going to cut your leg off because there is no bone there, you tell them where to go!


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