In order to detox heavy metals, chemicals, and other toxins: Eat green Algae

Green Algae can take all sorts of radiation from the sun all day every day and still thrive. Chlorophyll is an excellent sun screen and if you eat it before you go out usually you won’t burn.

Green algae is a seaweed (containing chlorophyll) in the form of tablets or powder found at health food stores or vitamin shops can be an excellent way of getting vitamin A.

Green algae can be added to smoothies to mask the smell and taste if you are new at eating seaweed…There are fresh water green algae, like chlorella. And there is salt water green algae, like spirulina, kombu, dulse (its red), arame, irish moss, hijiki, nori, wakame and other sea weeds that also detox the body. Anything green that grows in water has the ability to detox radioactive chemicals out of the body very well. Asian cultures (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) have made excellent use of this type of food and it increases longevity.

*Remember if you take too much you will feel detox symptoms as your lymphatic system pushes toxins out of the body. Drink plenty of water if you start feeling sick to your stomach.


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