For fresh breath clean your tongue

In Ayurvedic medicine, cleaning the tongue is a natural way of cutting down on mouth bacteria that causes problems with teeth.

Bad breath comes usually from three sources.

1)A yellow coated tongue.

2)Lack of flossing between teeth.

3)Lack of fresh air in lungs.

The tongue is a part of the digestive system. Digestion starts in the mouth when saliva mixes with food. The tongue moves the food around and plays a part in swallowing food. However, the body is always trying to push out wastes in the body. The way the human body gets rid of toxins is to get rid of them at their point of entry. The body pushes out wastes through the tongue leading to bad breath aka “morning breath”.

So the best way to clean up your breath is to get a spoon or a plastic or wooden scraper and scrap that toxic stuff off of your tongue.

Here is a good video about tongue scraping.

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