Celiac Disease is caused by the inability to digest gluten properly

Bread, pasta, beer.

Everyone seems to eat wheat or drink wheat in the west these days. The romans made use of lots of wheat, making bread and drinking it as beer, like people do nowadays. Celiac symdrome is very common, 1 in 7 people have problems digesting grains in their life.  Wheat is cheap and it’s in every thing. People live on it because it is cheap.

Eating gluten is related to improper digestion, smelly stools, depression, brain fog, and possibly autism among other symptoms, of an inability to properly digest gluten protein.

I don’t eat gluten protein because it makes me sick. So not only do I not eat flesh of animals, cheese, or the animal periods, I don’t eat any gluten. Yeah, it’s fun.

Here is a video by a Medical Doctor discussing Celiac disease.


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