High Carb versus Low Carb diets

The news lately has seen a high uptick in the amount of people who harp about this diet or that diet. And they have lots of “products” to sell to you to prove it. They aren’t selling you regular food that you might have around your area which doesn’t take a bunch of dino goo to bring it to your door.

For instance, I live in north Florida. It’s hilly here so we have many different micro climates. I get lemons from Georgia. Today I got some satsumas. I also picked a couple of oranges off of a tree. Citrus is awesome and good for you in many ways. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Whoops. Anyway, I don’t like low carb diets. I see no point in them unless you live a drone type existence where you go to work, punch a clock, drink your coffee, and stare at fluorescent lights the rest of your life.

I also don’t espouse low fat diets either. Your body is made up of carbohydrates and lipid formed cells. Your brain feeds on carbohydrates.

There are good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates.

Bad carbohydrates would be anything cooked obviously, as cooked starches make you fat.

Good starches would be sweet fruits. Dates for instance are a very good sweet fruit loaded with carbohydrates. They have potassium in them so they balance out your blood sugar. Don’t let anyone tell you that eating sweet fruit is bad for you! White bleached sugar is bad for you. Unnatural sweetener is bad for you. Honey loaded with high fructose corn syrup is bad for you. Dates are cheap and fill you up with lots of sugars for energy.

Most low carb diets have you eating like a caveman. You know what happens to people who go on the atkins diet or other palo-flat earther diets? They tax their kidneys with uric acid, don’t digest all the beef properly, and also tax their liver causing more problems than they can count, all the while depleting their stores of enzymes causing rapid aging. Do you know how much water it takes to feed one cow from birth to death? Enough to fill a world war two era battle ship. What a freakin waste!

I also hear about high carb low fat diet. I don’t totally agree with low fat diets, as fat is way for nutrients to get into the cells. Also, lipids (aka fats) have nutrients you just cannot get from eating sweet fruits alone. Plus, they have a lot of vitamins and minerals in a small package. Mixing lipids and sweet carbs works best for me. Lipids slow down the digestion of sweet food. Starting the day out with sweet fruits (like dates) and some fats like hemp, chia, or any type of nut/seed is best for optimal digestion and absorption. Plus, dates are freaking cheap. A box of dates from the grocery store is $2.49 total. An avocado is $2.50. That will feed me all or most of the day. Multiply that times how many people you have in a family and you get the idea of how much you are paying every day for food.

Living the Raw food lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, many times you can find wild, organic local food that is FREE from nature. No BPA covered receipts for you! Don’t go to the “experts” and buy their expensive “superfoods” crap filled with cheap stuff to enhance their bank accounts. Give back to the Earth and to the farmers by eating local (if you can), sweet food when in season. Most people trying to sell you overpriced supplements are just trying to pay off their vacation home in some tropical destination. Don’t buy the hype. Most supplements are crap. You don’t need them. Farmers aren’t getting rich (or paid) well by supplement makers.

So go find a local farmers market and start buying from them. Every time I go they give me a lot more (sometimes they just give me free stuff) then I would get at the local grocery store. Plus, I actually get to talk to the people who grew my food. And guess what? They don’t speak spanish. Small farmers who grow and pick their own food are a wonderful contribution to any country. Most illegal aliens are picking foods for pepsico and other big greedy corporations who own fast food companies. Small farmers are in your communities and don’t send their money back to Mexico or take away people jobs for fast food. So help them out today and create more wealth for those who feed you. The karma will add up. I promise.

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