Good Fats versus Bad Fats

I love fats. They add taste and texture to meals. They are the rainbow bridge for minerals to make it into your cells. Never neglect the value of fats! I say value over cost.

Let’s start with the bad fats.

Bad fats are

Canola oil-A type of chemical weapon, Canada-oil, this crap is featured in a lot of hippy dippy health food stores. Don’t buy it. It is rat poison. Literally. It is a chemical weapon.

Soy oil-I hate soy and anything that has anything to do with it. Soy is not a meat replacement. Most of it is Genetically modified. It’s oil is not good. Soy used to be used as a nitrogen fixer (grown and then tilled into the ground and left fallow so as to absorb the nitrogen for the following season) before chemical weapons started to be sprayed on the fields in the USA after world war two when they  started spraying it onto farms.

Cows milk-Hemoginized, Pasteurized, rancid, full of puss, dead cells, chemicals, hormones (why do you think girls are having their periods earlier in life?) antibiotics, etc etc this stuff was made for baby cows. Not fit for human consumption. Made for baby cows to triple their weight in a short period of time. Stay away unless you can actually get it yourself.

Any oil that is cooked before you buy it-Any oil that is brown is rancid. Lots of oils sold as “extra virgin” are blends with crappy old used up oil that is denatured with God knows what. Only buy oil that has a lovely smell to it. Only buy “first cold press”.  Buy raw, even if you are cooking with it. Dead oil is nasty and makes me sick.
Good fats

Olive oil-The king of oils, I want to come back as an olive tree in my next life. Oil leaf extract is also a new “product” but it is high in antioxidents. Probably cures cancer. Go figure.

Coconut oil-This is the best oil. If you are going to cook, use this. It is highly stable at high temps. It mimics breast milk. I think before the aliens came to planet Earth and changed the holy books that the Hindu’s used Coconut oil instead of Ghee. Just sayin.

Hemp seed oil-Hemp seed is quite possibly the most nutritious seed on the planet and has every amino acid the body needs to live on. Nothing wrong with it. That is why it is outlawed in the USA. If it is bad for you then the US government wants you to grow it and sell it. They might just give you a subsidy.

Chia-Chia seed is excellent and has many good properties. Digestion can be a problem, as can the level of oils in it, since it is grown commercially and this is one plant that just doesn’t like that. However, the best chia is soaked. In fact all nuts need to be soaked. That is how I have learned to digest it. Mashed chia seed does have a lot of energy in it and you would be surprised how much energy it has in one tablespoon. It’s a new product so I am suspicious though.

Flax-I freaking love flax oil and flax seeds! I love flax crackers! Very very nutritious. Can not get enough. Flax crackers are like crack to me. Put some spices and some veggies in ’em and I will purr on your lap as you feed them to me. Ahhhh. Flax.

Durian-Durian is a spiked fruit filled with white fleshy smelly stuff inside grown in asia. Has a dopamine like chemical uptake receptor that connects in your brain to make you high. They call it the “marriage fruit” in Thailand. Need I say more?

Pumpkin seed-Otherwise known as pepita seeds, pumpkin seeds are excellent for building muscle. They are cheap too. Like, cheaper than any other seed usually….

Sunflower seeds- These go good in anything, especially sprouted. In fact, I would say that Sunflower sprouts are the best way to add nutrients to your diet. They go good in raw tahini and raw veggie burgers. They are super cheap. And butterflies love them. Good karma points there.

Sesame seeds-Those little seeds that you get stuck in your teeth in sushi have the highest level of calcium I have ever found in seeds. They have a wonderful taste and their oil is orgasmic. Yeah, I said it.

Pecans-I never knew this until recently but Pecans have the highest level of antioxidents of any seed on Earth. The taste is just wonderful and they are grown all over the US. We have some here in town that I pick off of the ground. Super cheap.

Brazil nuts-I love these things. They have a lot of trace minerals that are missing from everyone’s diets. They are different.

Cashews-Cashew nuts are one of the best tasting nuts on the planet. They are usually steamed or boiled or mechanically separated from their husks as they have a toxic chemical in them. If they say “raw” they just weren’t baked or fried or boiled. The “raw” ones I had have been hand broken out of their shells.

Macadamian nuts-I had my first experience of macadamian nuts that were from Hawaii. Then I went there and had more. Now I want to live there forever. “Nuff said.

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