Why raw food?

Raw food is food in it’s natural form. Uncooked. Unspoiled. Wild.

When we cook our food at high temperature (above 115 degrees fahrenheit) the life force energy of  the food goes out and doesn’t  come back. Most animals on this planet don’t cook their food. Only human animals denature their food by cooking it. Whenever we cook anything, it carbonizes the food thereby making it dead. The electromagnetic quality of the vitamins and minerals lose their magnetic bonds. The fiber breaks down and becomes soft.

Raw food is living food. Pick anything from a branch or from the ground and eat it. It has a feeling of  vibrancy to it that you cannot get from a box.

Raw food has a different energy to it than cooked food. Take a bowl of breakfast cereal and a bunch of freshly picked kale from a garden. There is no comparison is there?

The breakfast cereal (containing wheat gluten) has gone from the fields, chemically sprayed and altered from it’s natural growing nature. Then it is picked, transported, and processed for the consumer. It is cooked  up conveyer belt at high temperature, after being ground up, baked, fillers and chemical additives have been introduced into to it. Inorganic minerals (synthesized from coal tar) have been added that will most likely look foreign to your body and will be excreted in your urine. Then it is bagged, boxed, and transported to the grocery store. Not exactly natural is it? We weren’t eating breakfast cereals 200 years ago. Our bodies have had to learn to adapt.

Do you know how our bodies adapt? By using up stored amino acids, shortening DNA causing aging aka premature death, and eating up enzymes.

Kale, grown properly, will have all the natural minerals that God intended. Blessed with clean rain, rich compost, kissed by sunlight, food grown and eaten in a wild state retains all of the nutrients that mother nature intended on it to have.

What happens when we think we are better than mother nature?  What happens to our bodies when we trick our minds into thinking we can do better than her?

Here is a guy who lost a lot of weight by eating raw foods.

2 Responses to “Why raw food?”
  1. Arjun says:

    Good article, Andrew. I wish that more and more people will look into a raw food diet. I am only recently learning about it. I told my mom about hair, chicken and duck feathers being added to commercially produced “bread,” due to the L-Cysteine in them and she was shocked. She told her sister about it, too. It is horrifying to know what we consume when we do not grow and prepare it ourselves.

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