Simply vibrant low cost health food on the go

Want to have more spring to your step? Want to have shiny, ageless skin? Want to shed pounds and lose unsightly love handles? Want to save money too?

I remember riding with a friend who told me he wanted to stop at Wendy’s for a meal. He told me he couldn’t spend the money I did (he told me I spend a lot of money yet didn’t ask me how much I spent go figure) for what I ate. I like to show people I’m civilized when it comes to their SAD diet.

So he went and bought a combo meal. Do you know what he got for 7 dollars?

An (heavily carbonated unfiltered highly chlorinated tap water) unnaturally sweetened (high fructose corn syrup) soda (artificial flavors+artificial colors) filled with phosphoric acid (used to remove rust) to make is sticky.

Genetically modified potato grown on a large farm sprayed with God knows what (oil based fertilizers, radioactive phosphates, chemical weapons), fried, frozen, and shipped after sprayed with some gas to make it inert and safe for travel. Covered in ketchup, or worse, some chemical laden tasteless artificially flavored goop they call “sauce” you can buy that comes in a nice neat non biodegradable package.

And a large patty, probably with soy added to it and fried on a grill with mass produced oil that clogs the arteries. Not to mention, white bread aka death bread. Oh, he probably had an onion or a tomato added for looks. Swell.

My point in telling you this, is that you won’t ever feel full on a raw diet. You won’t get brain fog from it. You won’t feel heavy. And it won’t sit in your colon for 8 to 48 hours or so.

You can buy bananas, for about 1 American dollar per pound at the grocery store. That’s 7 pounds of bananas you can eat and share with others for the price he paid for his fast food.

Check out this link:

7 pounds of bananas or a bag of cooked and denatured food that will never biodegrade (yup, most fast food will not break down if you leave it in a bag and store it under your bed for as long as you want. Try it. Even bugs won’t touch it).

Which do you think is better for you and your children?

Here is what you are eating if you eat fast food.

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