Good Fats versus Bad Fats

I love fats. They add taste and texture to meals. They are the rainbow bridge for minerals to make it into your cells. Never neglect the value of fats! I say value over cost. Let’s start with the bad fats. Bad fats are Canola oil-A type of chemical weapon, Canada-oil, this crap is featured in … Continue reading

High Carb versus Low Carb diets

The news lately has seen a high uptick in the amount of people who harp about this diet or that diet. And they have lots of “products” to sell to you to prove it. They aren’t selling you regular food that you might have around your area which doesn’t take a bunch of dino goo … Continue reading

Simply vibrant low cost health food on the go

Want to have more spring to your step? Want to have shiny, ageless skin? Want to shed pounds and lose unsightly love handles? Want to save money too? I remember riding with a friend who told me he wanted to stop at Wendy’s for a meal. He told me he couldn’t spend the money I … Continue reading

Why raw food?

Raw food is food in it’s natural form. Uncooked. Unspoiled. Wild. When we cook our food at high temperature (above 115 degrees fahrenheit) the life force energy of  the food goes out and doesn’t  come back. Most animals on this planet don’t cook their food. Only human animals denature their food by cooking it. Whenever we … Continue reading